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Finally. [Feb. 20th, 2006|05:02 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Silence]

Alucard's journal - bloody_count
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Greetings to all. [Feb. 19th, 2006|09:50 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |None]

Character Application:

Name: Jay
Age: (Optional) 26
OOC Journal: sibilantmacabre
Contact Info: (AIM, Yahoo, e-mail, etc.) AIM – asibilantmacabre, Yahoo – red_leathered_dreams, MSN – sibilantmacabre@bellsouth.net

Name: Alucard
Character Journal: Not applicable as of yet.
Character AIM: (Optional) Same as above. But would probably be the default AIM screen name.
Sample RP Post: (In 3rd person) An excerpt from the afore mentioned RP with my partner. She is playing Sir Hellsing and I am posting as Alucard.

*On a side note, I know the role play information doesn't support parings, but I am personally supportive of AxI and my perception of Alucard's character reflects that to a certain extent.

Thaks for the time and consideration.

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On a hunch... [Feb. 17th, 2006|09:47 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

[mood |Hyper]
[music |Closer by Nine Inch Nails]

Just so all people who want to apply know, you don't necessarily have to reply to one of my posts. You can make a new post in this community if you like. >.<

Anyway, on a hunch, I've decided to post an updated list of all the available characters that we have right now. Any more people from Millenium would be greatly appreciated!

*~Available Characters~*

Seras Victoria


Alexander Anderson


Major Kreig
Warrant Officer Schrödinger
Major Montana Max
The Doctor
Captain Hans Günsche


Luke Valentine
Pip Bernadette
Tubalcaine Alhambra
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Let's get this show on the road! [Feb. 7th, 2006|07:32 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

[mood |Tired]
[music |Starfuckers Inc. by Nine Inch Nails]

Okay, so, this is Mari here. I am one of your resident mods. I'm pretty reasonable and fair when it comes to most stuff and I *probably* won't bite you if you ask me a question. I'm online more than is healthy for me, so just IM or E-Mail me if you want to ask me something or if you just want to chat. Hell, I don't even mind if you leave a comment in my LJ every now and then.

I've updated the userinfo of the main community (orderofhellsing for you lazy people) with new contact information as well as all of the current members and their journals. Be sure to check that out and update your character's friends lists. If I get bored, I'll make fancy dividers for the front page that it doesn't all look so scrunched together. :P

Other than that, I suppose that you can feel free to start posting RPs in the main community! I'm really flexible when it comes to formats for posts so you can pretty much do anything. LJ cuts and descriptions aren't absolutely necessary unless it's for an AIM comvo, in which case it is required. I just don't want friend's pages clogged up. :P

Well, enjoy yourselves, chat, comment, whatever! I'll leave you guys to it!
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2006|05:12 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

Name: Call me Jamie or Feyth ^^ whichever is easier to remember
Age: 21
OOC Journal: lostfeyth.livejournal.com
Contact Info: Lost_Feyth@hotmail.com or LostFeyth on AIM

Name: Heinkel Wolfe (sorry if this one is already taken, I checked the info from the hellsing organization journal, and she was still free)
Character Journal: I have one from another RP (http://stabilizedchaos.livejournal.com) and i will create another if needed
Character AIM: LostFeyth
Sample RP Post: (Copied from stabilizedchaos journal. If you need a new RP post, I can create one :D)

She pulled the last cigarette out of the pack and crumpled the package, tossing it away. One more piece of trash among the bodies of the dead wouldn’t make much difference now. Heinkel looked over her sunglasses at Integra who was leading them back to the Hellsing mansion, and lit her cigarette. She really was a remarkable woman, even if she was a heathen, too bad the Hellsing wouldn’t be able to escape the confines of Hell in the next life.

Heinkel smirked at herself. She couldn’t be one to pass judgment, she was damned too. She’d be down in Hell battling the 7,405,926 demons of Hell waiting for Judgment Day. She doubted anyone who had killed as much as she had and had relished in it would be welcomed into Heaven with the rest of the saints. It wasn’t that the sins hadn’t been forgiven, she had confession at least once a week or more, but bloodstains were impossible to wash away. She doubted even the Savior would be able to save her. She was truely damned.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a long drag of her cigarette, exhaling it in a small sigh. Generally, the bodies didn’t bother her. She had shot men down at point blank range, seen Yumie slice decapitate and slice through bodies in front of her, but the bodies of the Londoners bothered her. These were people that didn’t deserve to die.

Uneasiness was creeping around her, the city was too quiet and Iscariot was nervous. She could hear someone behind her mumbling prayers for the dead. Someone should be praying for them.

Heinkel flicked away the cigarette and shoved her hands in her pockets. Yumie was right; The Chief was going to kill them.
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Join-age? [Feb. 3rd, 2006|01:15 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

As I'm fairly interested, yes... ^^

(copypasted, sorry in advance)

Name: Sue Quigley
Age: 22
OOC Journal: speck_cat
Contact Info: speckcat@verizon.net

Name: Zorin Blitz
Character Journal: N/A (will get cracking on it if I do get ze charrie, will post update here)
Character AIM: N/A
Sample RP Post: (In 3rd person)

"Geh.. huhh... h-huhh..."

A lone figure scrambled madly in the pitch blackness of night, a quarter moon throwing scant light upon the scene. He struggled along, squinting his eyes against the sweat that streamed from his forehead to blind him. Whatever that thing had been, it was pursuing him, and giggling gleefully all the way. He could hear her... reaching into his holster, he pulled forth a handgun, turning on the spot and aiming at nothing in particular. His delirium and weariness caused his vision to fog over...

"St-stay the hell away! Wh-what are you?!"

His vision swam, and he tightened his grip on the pistol. The black shadow behind him seemed to waver, to change, when it turned into something he wouldn't have expected. His wife... gently he lowered the gun, and he smiled.

"D-Dory? What... my God, love! What in blazes were you chasing me like that for? Blimey, you had me worried..."

The visage of his wife smiled, reaching out with her arms. Her voice, when it came however, was distinctly not her own.

"Oh, my dear, sveet thing... vhy, I am jost hunting joo down like der Britsh dog joo are!"

A blinding pain seemed to explode in his back, and his gaze faltered for a moment, staring up at what had once been his wife, now replaced by... what she was, he wasn't sure. One wild, staring eye, the other eye... or was it an eye?... seeming to swim before it settled on him. A half of a faceful of strange, runic markings... She leaned closer, grinning.

"Hellsing scum... joo von't see der day, but be sure to tell joor commander, vhen she reaches hell vit joo, dat der Millenium ist coming..."

As the patrol fell lifeless to the ground, she withdrew the blade of her scythe, wiping it on the gravel before cocking it over her shoulder. She puffed idly at a cigarette before smirking up at the sky, sticking to the shadows as she padded away from the scene. Mission complete.

(ack... about the best I could slam out at a moment's notice. Kinda cookie-cutter, but I hope it'll do. Somewhat. Aie...)
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Application- Enrico Maxwell [Feb. 3rd, 2006|11:11 am]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community
Hi. I'd like to join as 'Rico if you want me.

Name: Sara
OOC Journal: blue_mew
Contact Info: (AIM, Yahoo, e-mail, etc.) AIM: ABlueMew2

Name: Archbishop Enrico Maxwell
Character Journal: archbishop_rico
Sample RP Post: (In 3rd person)

The plan was going as it should. London was under attack; the Babylon of Europe would fall, allowing for the continent to be as it should be once again- one with God and the most Holy Church.

His most trusted agents were already in the city of the dead, finishing the purge that the Nazis had started. It didn't matter that the Nazis hated the Catholics as well and were hoping to create an empire of vampires to continue a never-ending war; sometimes the ends did justify the means.

"Sir, we're five minutes from the drop-site." One of the repentants called across the helicopter. "Our scouts report that it's total chaos down there. We may have to fight our way off the transports."

A smile crossed Maxwell's lips, gazing down on to the destruction below. How great the London purge would be! The fourteenth crusade would be a success, he was certain.

"Get me Anderson. I want his report before we land the troops."

Now, all he could do was wait.
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2005|11:33 am]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

Name: Raye

OOC Journal: willow__raye

Contact Info: AIM- Shdcat399 or LehaneTiger399
Email- shdcat399@wmconnect.com


Name: Seras Victoria

Character Journal: I'll make one immediately if I get accepted

Sample RP Post:(3rd person)

Seras walked through the hall's of the Hellsing Organization exploring the unfamiliar hallways, and room's. She sighs sort of missing her old apartment at least she wouldn't of gotten lost in her own apartment, but she easily noticed you could get lost if you didn't know where you we're going. She ran a gloved finger along the wall of the hallway feeling it's texture underneath her finger.

When she finally reaches the staircase of the mansion she walks down them getting to a door that led to the basement, where herself and Walter once walked down. She opened the door walking down the stone steps reaching the bottom, seeing wooden doors leading to room's but they all look alike. She wondered how she would find her room down here with all the doors looking alike, she just started walking. Looking at all the doors she wondered how Walter, Sir Integra, or Master could ever find a room down here they were looking for. Something snaps her out of her thought's when she hears another set of foot steps walking closer.

Well hope my spelling was alright, thank you and goodnight! *bows*
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APPLICATION-IE.-Since my email hates me... [Apr. 22nd, 2005|08:21 am]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Drive Away // A Series of Unfortunate Events Soundtrack]

You know the drill.

Okay, sorry, just felt like saying that for no particular reason. I didn't write this app. specifically to you, since I wasn't sure if you'd be showing it to the other mod or not, so there's some stuff in here that you already know or may have read. ^^

Name: Aceles

OOC Journal: Aceles. What DO you know? ^^

Contact Info:

Name: Alucard

Character Journal: Thought I’d hold off on making one until I get accepted, just in case I don’t. I will make one post-haste if accepted.

Sample RP Post: (In 3rd person)

This is one I am pulling off of another site, seeing as it’s fairly general.

Alucard reclined in a tree, ravenously sucking blood out of the best game he could find, that being a small deer. The thing was very light, so instead out eat off the ground like an animal, he'd taken his breakfast in a tree. Not that he didn't like animalistic activities...

When he was through with the animal, which had stopped it's feeble kicking long ago, he threw the carcass to the ground in distaste. He listened to the satisfying thump as it hit the ground, accompanied by the cracks of bones shattering. He frowned, licking his lips with his long tongue. At least at home he had had human blood, albeit in packets...animal blood wasn't going to cut it for long. He wondered if anyone would really miss one person...he grinned. There would be fresh human blood for dinner this night. Ah, how he missed it, straight from the source, not sucked from some plastic packet with the life it in long gone cold, and all the enjoyment taken out of it…

He crossed his legs at the ankles and sat there, his body jackknifed with his legs up against the limb opposite him. He was just settling down for a bit of a nap when he heard a rustling in the trees. His head lolled lazily to the side. "Come in..." he chimed out emotionlessly, hands crossed over his chest.

Not exactly uber canon, I know, but I plan to make him more so in this rp. *salutes* Thanks for reading my application!

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Test [Apr. 5th, 2005|07:33 pm]
Order of Hellsing OOC Community

[mood |More Doom]
[music |Doom]

Umm...Testing, testing.

I just want to see how it looks with the shinneh new background. XP
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